Saturday, 19 January 2013

Orlando Salido v Miguel Angel Garcia

Talented 25 year old Miguel Angel "Mikey" Garcia (31-0, 26) showed just what an outstanding young fighter he was as he thoroughly dominated Orlando Salido (39-12-2-1, 27) and claimed both the Ring and WBO Featherweight titles via an 8th round technical decision that few could really complain with.

The opening round was eye opening to say the least as Salido was dropped twice with Garcia's power, speed and accuracy really being the distance. Garcia's jab and straight right were simply keeping Salido too far away for the Mexican to have any success whilst he was putting Salido down almost every time he landed a clean shot.

Garcia's clear domination continued through to round 6 with Salido being dropped in both rounds 3 and 4 from sharp accurate shots. This left Garcia well up on the cards having had 2 10-8 rounds and a 10-7 round, though Salido's heart was impressive and he refused to just quit, instead he started to slowly get in to the fight and appeared to claim round 7 as he managed to successfully get inside Garcia for the first time.

Unfortunately the fight came to a premature end in round 8 after Garcia dominated much of the round, the crude Salido followed through after a punch and connected with an accidental headbutt that sadly broke the nose of Garcia. The accidental foul forced the Dr to call an early end to proceedings as we went to the scorecards and the decision was a clear technical unanimous decision in favour of Garcia who was rightfully crowned the champion.

The clear dominance by Garcia really did open the eyes of the boxing world who may well have seen a new star born tonight. A rematch with Salido is possible, if Salido wants to be beaten up again though a more likely fight could be with Daniel Ponce De Leon in what would be an excellent unification bout allowing Garcia to again show his impressive skills against a veteran title holder.

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