Sunday, 14 April 2013

Chris John v Satoshi Hosono

Indonesian boxing icon Chris John (48-0-3, 22) may have retained his "super" WBA Featherweight once more though this will not go down as one of his most memorable title defenses as his face was covered in his own blood following a clash of heads that forced a 3rd technical draw with Japanese fighter Satoshi Hosono (23-2-1, 17).

The fight started of by looking very promising. Although the opening round was a somewhat typical "feeling out round" it was a very high paced affair as John showed off his impressive hand speed and footspeed to control the distance. Hosono did occasionally manage to get inside in the opening round but it was John who clearly won the round.

The second round saw the challenger getting much closer and cutting the distance very well as he managed to make the round very competitive. Although Hosono probably didn't quite do enough to win the round is did suggest that we were on the verge of a very exciting fight that was about to come to life.

Hosono's ability to cut the distance off was again prevalent at the start of round 3 as he really got in John's face and started to make the champion's life very difficult with his aggression and power. Sadly Hosono got a little too much in John's face as the two fighters collided heads an John was left with 2 nasty looking cuts which bled immediately. The referee would take John over to the doctor soon after the clash and whilst initially he was allowed to continue a second inspection saw  the bout stopped.

Sadly as we had only completed 2 rounds the clash of heads prevented a winner of the bout either way.

In all honesty a rematch would probably be the most sensible thing to do following the inconclusive finish to the bout, though I think it's unlikely to happen sadly. The match up seemed to be on the verge of becoming very exciting and could well have proven to be one of the toughest fights of John's career were it not for the inconclusive finish.

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