Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Koki Kameda v John Mark Apolinario

WBA Bantamweight champion Koki Kameda (31-1, 17) successfully retained his world title with a very straight forward victory over the game but completely outclassed Filipino challenger John Mark Apolinario (17-3-3, 4).

It was obvious from the opening round that this was an opponent Koki felt confident against, there was no worry about Apolinario being able to hurt him and as a result Koki came forward, stalking his whilst trying to slowly grind down the challenger with his powerful straight left.

Whilst Koki wasn't really able to hurt his challenger early on it was clearly he felt like he was in total control and on the few occasions where Apolinario came forward as the aggressor his shots were taken on the guard as Koki took a step back and composed himself. It was calculating stuff from the champion who stalking with pressure and slowly but surely grinding down the challenger.

Through the middle rounds Koki started to have real success with his southpaw left which scarcely seemed to miss as he went through the gears. He was still fighting well within himself but was starting to get Apolinario who's own assaults were becoming ever rarer.

Going in to the championship rounds it was less a question of who was going to win, it was clearly Koki, but more a question as to whether or not Apolinario was going to be able to see the distance, was Koki going to hunt a finish or was he going to be happy with a lopsided decision.

In round 10 it appeared as though the stoppage was likely to come as Koki dropped the challenger with a counter right hook but the challenger showed off his toughness as he recovered immediately to his feet and almost charged over to Koki. Unfortunately whilst Apolinario was willing to run across the ring he was unwilling to let his hands go too much and did little more than actually survive.

Although the challenger saw out round 10 he was fortunate to see out round 12 as he was again dropped after Koki really went for the stoppage. It seemed as if Koki had decided to try and give the crowd what they wanted though he had tried too late and was forced instead to take a very wide decision.

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