Saturday, 30 November 2013

Xiong Zhao Zhong v Lookrak Kiatmungmee

Some fights leave you wondering just why they were made and one such case was today's first world title fight which saw Xiong Zhao Zhong (22-4-1, 12) defend his WBC Minimumweight title.

Zhong, defending his belt for the second time, made very light work of Thailand's Lookrak Kiatmungmee (7-5, 4) a fighter who in normal circumstances wouldn't not have been a world title challenger. This was evident from round 1 and was just as obvious in round 5, the round in which Zhong stopped him with a body shot.

Fortunately however this one bout had easy explanation, Lookrak Kiatmungmee was a very late replacement for Omari Kimweri. The bout which was effectively a home coming for Zhong and with it being televised on CCTV 5 in China it was a massive televised show. With out a fight the Chinese public would have been rightfully pissed off and although they got a mismatch they at least got something.

The rumour now coming out is that Zhong may be in a unification bout in 2014 with IBF champion Katsunari Takayama, if Takayama is successful in his upcoming title defense next week. That would be a great fight and one I'm really hoping gets made.

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