Monday, 12 August 2013

Shinsuke Yamanaka v Jose Nieves

WBC Bantamweight champion Shinsuke Yamanaka (19-0-2, 14) was in a destructive mood earlier today as he made a statement.

Matched against the Puerto Rican Jose Nieves (22-3-3, 11), Yamanaka seemed to know he was in easy and went straight on to the offensive hurting Nieves pretty much the first time he landed. Rather than easing off on his over-matched opponent Yamanaka looked for a chance to land his explosive left hand and it wasn't long until he found that opportunity.

After throwing a feint to the body Yamanaka saw the opportunity for a left up top and connected with Nieves crumbling soon afterwards.

It looks unlikely that Yamanaka will ever have an easier title defense than this though unfortunately he probably made too much of a statement and has certainly made both Koki and Tomoki Kameda think twice about agreeing to a fight with him.

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