Saturday, 17 August 2013

Jhonatan Romero v Kiko Martinez

It's not often a fighter lives up to his name but Spaniard Kiko Martinez (29-4, 21) really was "La SensaciĆ³n" in taking the IBF Super Bantamweight title from talented Colombian Jhonathan Romero (23-1, 12) via a stunning 6th round TKO.

Martinez set off at an electric pace and forced Romero on to the ropes where he unloaded. It was shocking that Romero, a genuinely talented boxer, was just being pushed around and bullied by Martinez who Romero within seconds of the bell going. The opening round really did set the tone for Martinez who was relentless and could well have been 10-8 up after just 3 minutes.

Romero fought back in the following 2 rounds as he began to use the ring and box with Martinez, something he really needed to do from the off.

Unfortunately for the Colombian his success didn't last long and Martinez was right back on top of him in the 4th round, another round where Romero was rocked around the ring. It seemed like the Colombian was ready to go down several times though showed great heart to remain on his feet despite taking such a hammering that his eye was badly cut.

Having seen blood, literally, Martinez went straight on the attack in round 5 and although his shots weren't crisp and smooth they were thudding to the head, the body, the arms and every part of Romero that he could land on. It was obvious that he was just going to break him down or die trying.

It was in round 6 that Romero finally ran out of steam and became a human punch bag for Martinez who threw, threw, threw and threw some more and he again sent Romero in to the ropes and unloaded. This time however Romero was unable to get away and his desire to win was wearing down.

The Colombian did land 3 huge shots off the ropes and connected on Martinez with all 3 but the Spaniard shook them off and continued on his attack before finally getting Romero in the corner and forcing the referees hand.

The victory for Martinez was a huge shock. Many, myself included, didn't feel as though Martinez deserved the shot having lost to Carl Frampton last time out, in fact I half expect Frampton to be slashing his wrists right now knowing the man he beat just a title fight whilst he didn't.

It's unlikely Martinez will be a champion for long though it's fair to say that he has just had his moment in the boxing sun.

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