Saturday, 24 August 2013

Victor Terrazas v Leo Santa Cruz

Fast rising Mexican Leo Santa Cruz (25-1, 15) successfully moved to Super Bantamweight as he dominated fellow Mexican Victor Terrazas (37-3-1, 21) and claimed the WBC Super Bantamweight title in very impressive fashion.

The opening round was incredibly fun as both men went to war from the off and although Terrazas was having success  he was taking more than he, himself was landing, and infact the shots he was getting hit with all looked heavier than anything he himself was landing.

If the first round was close the second really wasn't. Again Terrazas  tried to be competitive but he simply couldn't stop the onslaught and by the end of the round his right eye was swelling shut from the damage he was being forced to take for all the head shots. Unfortunately for Terrazas he couldn't solely attempt to defend his eye as he was also being cracked to the body by Santa Cruz who was determined to make a big impression.

With Terrazas's eye swelling up he had a massive bullseye, excuse the pun, on his face, a target that Santa Cruz was happy to attack as he again went on the offensive. This time however Santa Cruz was happier to box at mid range using his jab to target the eye.

With hard shots coming in Terrazas went down, looking like a beaten man. Although Terrazas did get to his feet he barely landed another punch before he was down again. Though Terrazas got to his feet for a second time the referee, seeing an almost resigned look on Terrazas face decided to wave the bout off, declaring Santa Cruz the winner via 3rd round TKO.

Santa Cruz did say he'd stick at 122 for a few fights and defend the title though a move to 126 seems almost certain within the next year or two as he hunts down legacy defining fights.

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