Monday, 31 December 2012

Ryo Miyazaki v Pornsawan Porpramook

In arguably the fight of the day Ryo Miyazaki (18-0-3, 10) claimed the WBA Minimumweight ttile by split decision over former champion Pornsawan Porpramook (27-5-1, 17) in an incredible war that just kept getting better and better. In fact it's fair to say that this was a true send off to a fantastic year of boxing!

The bout started quickly with both men trading from the opening round and some how neither let off the pace as the fight got faster, more action packed and more exciting for each of the 12 rounds. It was relentless by both men with Porpramook forcing the pace and action by being in Miyazaki's face round after round. With Porpramook bringing the pressure it forced Miyazaki to match him and go toe-to-toe, this allowed the audience a chance to see what was almost a repeat of Porpramook v Yaegashi (one of the best fights of 2011).

Sadly for Porpramook his high work rate gave a number of chances for Miyazaki to land flash, accurate counters and catch the eye of the judges who may have been swayed somewhat to the pro-Miyazaki crowd. Despite the loss the Thai really gave it his all and proved, once again, that he is one of the most fun to watch fighters on the planet, even if only a handful of fans in the west have had the pleasure to see him.

Sadly at 34 years old this is likely Porpramook's last title fight however he really did all he could to defeat the much younger Japanese fighter who looks like he could well be the next in a long, long line of excellent Japanese Minimumweights.

For every fight fan out there, I need to advise you to hunt this fight down, this was special.

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