Monday, 31 December 2012

Takashi Uchiyama v Bryan Vasquez

WBA Super Featherweight champion Takashi Uchiyama (19-0-1, 16) made the sixth defense of his world title as he stopped the game Costa Rican challenger Bryan Vasquez (29-1, 15) in an unexpectedly tough bout.

The opening round saw Vasquez moving wonderfully and keeping Uchiyama at range whilst charging in to land flurries. Whilst Uchiyama did have some success through the round the champion was certainly not getting his own way. In fact through the first 5 rounds it was hard to say that the champion was even in the lead as both men had their success. Whilst it was obvious that Uchiyama was the harder hitter he was often subdued whilst Vasquez would out work him though not have the power to force Uchiyama to step up his work rate.

The first really clear round of the fight was the 6th which saw Uchiyama step up a gear and really bang Vasquez around as he showed his class and power though the Costa Rican challenger bravely fought on showing himself to be a game challenger. In fact Vasquez's gameness was shown excellently in the following round, a round that the challenger thoroughly dominated to bring the cards back to a more even look.

Sadly for Vasquez his success in round 7 seemed only to serve as a wake up to Uchiyama who waited much of the round before going on an all out offensive that saw Vasquez's head rocked back time and time again. The bell couldn't come soon enough for Vasquez who saw the referee jumping in to stop the bout just as the bell was rung.

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