Saturday, 20 April 2013

Nathan Cleverly v Robin Krasniqi

Welshman Nathan Cleverly (26-0, 12) successfully defended his WBO Light Heavyweight title as he defeated mandatory challenger Robin Krasniqi (39-3, 15).

Cleverly dominated much of the early going with his left jab which landed time and time again on Krasniqi at a distance. At times it seemed that Cleverly could have just won the bout with his jab which simply couldn't miss Krasniqi.

Krasniqi got some success in the middle rounds as Cleverly started to mix up what he was doing and got caught by a number of right hands though at no point did Cleverly look to be under any really pressure as he walked through the right hands of Krasniqi. When Cleverly was mixing up his shots he did manage to hurt Krasniqi at least twice with nasty body shots thought he Welshman failed to follow up his attacks when the challenger was hurt.

Cleverly showed different facets off as he showed off his ability to trade as well as box off the back foot and front foot as he thoroughly dominated a weak opponent who was 1-dimensional and lacked the power to genuinely hurt Cleverly. In all honesty Krasniqi was little more than a sparring partner dressed up as a mandatory contender,to start, Cleverly forces the challenger back, Cleverly making it look easy, lovely uppercut by Cleverly, Krasniqi lands a right that Cleverly walks through, Cleverly unloading big time! Krasniqi forced to hold, Another uppercut by Cleverly, And another! Krasniqi eating shots shots now, body shot Cleverly, Krasniqi running away and protecting his gut. 10-9  Cleverly

The bout really told us very little about Cleverly that we didn't already know. We knew he had a good engine and decent hand speed though in all honesty the fact he didn't finish off Krasniqi was a disappointment as he pitched a near shut out.

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