Monday, 8 April 2013

Shinsuke Yamanaka v Malcolm Tunacao

WBC Bantamweight champion Shinsuke Yamanaka (18-0-2, 13) successfully retained his world title as he stopped Filipino challenger Malcolm Tunacao (32-3-3-, 20) in the 12th and final round.

Yamanaka started the bout well and not only established his pace on the bout with his 2 handed attack but also dropped the challenger twice in round 3 as he built up a solid lead on the score cards in the early portion of the bout. Tunacao, who had been blasted out in a round in his last world title bout back in 2001 showed real heart to not only survive but to start to battle back.

Tunacao who had been forced to wait a long time for another world title bout refused to just let his chance slip away and he battled back hard and in round 7 he appeared to genuinely hurt Yamanaka. The success Tunacao had had in round 7 saw a notable momentum shift and the Filipino came out for round 8 with real vigour as he claimed another round and seemed to be in the ascendency.

Sadly for the challenger his work in rounds 7 and 8 failed to wear out the champion who got a second wind in round 9 as Tunacao appeared to be running out of steam. The Filipino refused to just back down though was looking like he had given it his all and Yamanaka moved up a gear as he took rounds 10 and 11 before dropping Tunacao in the final round. The bloodied challenger attempted to get to his feet but the referee had seen enough and saved him from any more damage.

For Tuncao this is probably the end. The Filipino has been a great servant to the sport though sadly was forced to wait too long for his chance. Yamanaka on the other hand is perhaps looking to old foe Ryosuke Iwasa  for what could be a rematch of their memorable clash from a few years back.

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