Saturday, 8 September 2012

Antonio DeMarco v John Molina

Current WBC Lightweight champion Antonio DeMarco (28-2-1, 21) is unlikely to ever have a title defense as easy as his defense against John Molina (24-2, 19) a bout that was over almost as quickly as it started.

Within 30 seconds DeMarco had landed a dynamite straight left  hand that sent Molina stumbling backwards towards the corner. This shot effectively ended the bout with DeMarco rushing towards the ailing challenger who never got from the corner as DeMarco unleashed a solid and relentless combination on the challenger. After just 44 seconds the referee, Jack Reiss, stepped in to save Molina who really was doing all he could to defend himself, sadly he couldn't do much.

Whilst the bout really failed to tell us anything new about DeMarco it was an impressive and swift defense of his title and it may allow us to see DeMarco out once more before the year. For Molina however it's likely he will need to return to ESPN Friday Night Fight's and rebuild his confidence which will be shot following this lightning quick loss.

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