Saturday, 15 September 2012

Daniel Ponce De Leon v Jhonny Gonzalez

Hard hitting Mexican Daniel Ponce De Leon (44-4, 35) became a 2-weight world champion as he claimed the WBC Featherweight title via a technical decision victory over fellow hard hitter Jhonny Gonzalez (52-8, 45), in a bout that failed to live up to the expectations many had for it.

The opening round was some what tentative as the two hard punchers seemed to show too much respect to each other early on. Whilst it was competitive it wasn't edge of your seat stuff as both men spent the round try to feel out the other. Sadly the bout didn't catch on fire quickly and the tentative opener was followed by another somewhat tame round as they each felt their way into the fight. Surprisingly however Ponce De Leon was showing some genuine boxing skills, looking to not only find a home for his power but also show that he could land counters and move well.

The bout had it's first major moment in round 3 after a clash of heads opened up a nasty cut on Ponce De Leon. Whilst both men were still being respectful of each other it appeared as if they were both starting to warm to their task and by the end of round 5 it seemed we had a fight on our hands.Ponce De Leon was still looking impressively skilled for a man that many considered a wild slugger whilst Gonzalez seemed to be finding his own rhythm.

With Gonzalez looking to have found his rhythm, Ponce De Leon turned up the heat and in round 6 almost sent Gonzalez out of the ring with a vicious combination that sent Gonzalez partly through the ropes. Despite being really hurt and beaten to the canvas Gonzales was saved by the bell, though it looked like he'd been some what broken by Ponce De Leon's hard body shots. The body shots continued through round 7 as Ponce De Leon continued to break down Gonzalez with heavy, hurtful shots to the midsection.

Sadly with the fight starting to warm up nicely for Ponce De Leon we got a clash of heads in round 8 that left Gonzalez with a nasty cut over his eye and forced the early ending of the bout. The judges scorecards all read in favour of Ponce De Leon who claimed his second world title (having previously held the WBO Super Bantamweight title).

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