Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Juan Carlos Sanchez Jr v Rodel Mayol

Young Mexican Juan Carlos Sanchez Jr (15-1-1, 8) may not be a well known name in boxing circles but he's swiftly making an impact on the sport and really put a marker down this past weekend as he defended his IBF Super Flyweight title for the second time and knocked out Filipino Rodel Mayol (31-6-2, 22).

Despite looking significantly smaller, the experienced Mayol started excellently and used fantastic lateral movement to land at will on Sanchez who looked clueless. The reach advantage of Sanchez was neutralised by the movement and it was Mayol's straight right hand that seemed to be the key punch of the first 4 rounds, all clear Mayol rounds.

In round 5 the bout took a huge turn with Mayol's movement becoming slower and move limited. As Mayol slowed not only did he become less successful but he allowed Sanchez in to the bout. Whilst Sanchez was getting in the round, he was surprisingly dropped on the bell and given a count, much to his corners annoyance. Sadly for Mayol this was the start of the end.

From the start of round 6 Sanchez started to really take control of the bout as Mayol began to look like a spent force. The shots from the champion were landing cleanly time and time again and he was now starting to break down the tiring challenger. By round 8 Mayol was looking ready to go and Sanchez could feel his grip on the bout strengthening.

The bout ended in enthralling fashion as Sanchez spectacularly knocked Mayol out of the ring and scored the knockout win to retain his title in memorable fashion.

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