Sunday, 12 May 2013

Adrian Hernandez v Yader Cardoza

WBC Light Flyweight Adrian Hernandez (27-2-1, 16) successfully defended his world title this past weekend as he over-came Nicaraguan challenger Yader Cardoza (15-5, 5) who put up a tougher than expected bout.

The highly regarded Mexican challenger was expected to destroy his unheralded Nicaraguan challenger, in fact the odds offered in various places were between 1/20 and 1/25 though it was a huge surprise that Nicaraguan came to fight.

Hernandez's class and experience did shine through at times though he certainly didn't look at his best and this wasn't helped by the fact he had a grotesque swelling around his left eye that really did swell shut through the fight. It's certainly this swelling that will be the lasting impression of the bout and it could well see him kept out of the ring for some time.

Hernandez, although looking a long way from his best probably got a wake up call of sorts and should feel very lucky he wasn't in there with Roman Gonzalez or Kazuto Ioka who would likely both have forced a stoppage against him.

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