Friday, 17 May 2013

Alexander Povetkin v Andrzej Wawrzyk

WBA "regular" Heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin (26-0, 18) successfully retained his title thanks to an easy looking stoppage of Polish challenger Andrzej Wawrzyk (27-1, 13) who suffered his first professional loss.

The opening round was a very typical feeling out round with both guys utilising their jab well but landing little else of note as they tried to figure each other out. It was the much busier jab of Povetkin that seemed to steal the round with the Russian throwing, and landing, several times more than the challenger.

Povetkin put his foot on the gas in round two as he started to unload on  Wawrzyk who was dropped midway through the round from a right hand.  Wawrzyk got to his feet quickly after the knockdown but Povetkin then went on a seek and destroy mission hurting the Pole several more times before the round was over with Wawrzyk bloodied and visibly outclassed.

Wawrzyk managed to come out for round 3 and whilst he managed to land a number of weak looking jabs it started to look like Povetkin could finish him off any time with the Polish fighter wobbling after every right hand that landed. Rather surprisingly Povetkin would drop Wawrzyk with a left in round 3 before dropping him again and forcing the referee to wave the bout off.

Next for Povetkin is a bout with Wladimir Klitschko, a bout that sees both men receiving a major pay day, we expect that that will be a much more competitive bout than this one.

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