Saturday, 4 May 2013

Floyd Mayweather v Robert Guerrero

Pound-for-Pound king Floyd Mayweather (44-0, 26) showed many why he is classed as one of the greatest as he put on a total 1-sided masterclass over challenger Robert Guerrero (31-2-1-1, 18) in a defense of the WBC Welterweight title.

The fight started slowly as both men traded jabs and although Guerrero tried to force the action he really struggled to land anything clean as Mayweather's masterful defense made Guerrero look incredibly clumsy. Not only was Mayweather defensively excellent as always but Mayweather himself was landing clean, accurate right hands.

The right hands of Mayweather became central to the fight as he started to land them with alarming regularity as the fight started to get going. It was worrying for Guerrero that he seemed unable to avoid them as they connected time and time again.

Although the fight never really became exciting Guerrero did try to force the pace and action of the bout by coming forward. Unfortunately for "The Ghost" it appeared that Mayweather was always one step ahead and on the few occasions where Guerrero did manage to unload a few shots they regularly whizzed past the champion who never once looked flustered.

At the midway point of the bout Mayweather was sweeping the bout and then seemed to take round 7 off as Guerrero out worked him with his mauling finally having some effectiveness. Although Guerrero did have success it was certainly down to Mayweather taking the round off as opposed to Guerrero really turning the fight around. This was shown significantly in round 8 when Mayweather had a very dominant round and easily the best of the fight as he unloaded anything and everything on Guerrero.

It appeared at the end of round 8 it appeared that Guerrero was there for the taking and he was cut and tiring. Instead of taking him out however Mayweather took his foot off the gas and allowed Guerrero to claim round 9.

Having effectively tossed away round 9 Mayweather just dominated round 10 with his jab and then made Guerrero look clumsy in round 11 as he boxed cleverly and bagged the rounds and made sure he was a mile up on the cards.

Having all but claimed the fight Mayweather again took a round off in round 12 as the crowd started to boo the lack of activity. Despite the boos Mayweather was clearly the better fighter and had effectively put on a masterclass with just his right hand. He had made Guerrero look like a sparring partner.

With "up to" 5 bouts left on Mayweather's Showtime contact it seems he may well fight again this year, though he did appear to damage his right hand which may keep him out of the ring for a bit longer than he'd wish. For Guerrero it's fair to say that he'll remain in and around the top 10 at Welterweight though Mayweather genuinely stands out as he showed here.

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