Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ryo Miyazaki v Carlos Velarde

Japanese youngster Ryo Miyazaki (19-0-3, 11) made the first successful defense of his WBA Minimumweight title in explosive fashion as he stopped Mexican challenger Carlos Velarde (23-3-1, 13) in the 5th round with an eye catching combination.

The fight started in excellent fashion and the opening round was thoroughly enjoyable as neither man felt the need to feel out the other. This really did warm the fight up in wonderful style with neither man feeling the need to try and figure the other out and the action merely got better as both men ramped up the action in rounds 2 and 3 as it appeared we were on the verge of a real war. In fact round 3 was a genuine contender for round of the year as both men stood toe to toe and dug shots to the head and body.

In round 4 the bout started to change slightly with Miyazaki beginning to use his superior boxing skills to avoid the war and catch the challenger with counters. It appeared as if Miyazaki, who rocked at the end of round 3, had decided that a war wasn't in his best interest and that he had the ability to jab and move to take the round. Whilst Velarde's constant pressure was making the fight the Mexican simply wasn't able to cut the ring off enough to really force Miyazaki's hand.

Miyazaki continued to box rather than brawl in round 5 though landed several eye catching shots through Velarde appeared to take them very well until out of nowhere the champion landed a straight right and a crisp left hook that sent Velarde to the canvas out cold for the count in a KO of the year contender.

Thankfully Velarde appeared to be fine by the time that Miyazaki had been interviewed and although Miyazaki himself had a small cut over his left eye we'd not expect him to be out for long.

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