Monday, 6 May 2013

Takashi Uchiyama v Jaider Parra

WBA Super Featherweight champion Takashi Uchiyama (20-0-1, 17) showed why his is considered the man at Super Featherweight as he stopped the previously unbeaten challenger Jaider Parra (20-1-1, 10) in eye catching fashion.

The bout started well for the Venezuelan challenger who moved well and used his fast jab to score repeatedly on the champion who although never really troubled was struggling at times to cut the distance. In fact were it not for a nice flash of style from Uchiyama late in the round he could well have lost the opener.

The second round again saw Parra being the busier man with his jab and movement once again being a problem for Uchiyama who took most shots on the guard though was being outworked. Unfortunately for the challenger every puncher Uchiyama landed got major cheers and it seemed that whilst he was being out worked he was landing the better shots including an excellent hook and a cracking right cross. Parra, whilst looking like a feather fisted puncher managed to take everything from Uchiyama with out too many problems, but the power difference was notable.

Round 3 was much like the previous rounds though Uchiyama was starting to get more and more successes when he was attacking and landed several hard and clean shots late in the round. Once again Parra took everything very well though it was obvious that Uchiyama was just starting to move through the gears.

It was in round 4 that Uchiyama managed to hurt Parra for the first time as he landed a body shot late that really bothered the challenger. Although Uchiyama went for the finish straight after the shot Parra did well and managed to see his way to the bell. Despite surviving the round it was obvious that although he could take a shot to the head from Uchiyama his body wasn't so tough and Uchiyama went straight back to the mid section in round 5.

Although Uchiyama had eyed the body of his opponent it took him several opportunities to land just right and one of the misses was a painful looking low blow that had Parra visibly wincing. Parra never really recovered from the shot and just moments after being ordered to fight Uchiyama managed to land a legal blow to the midsection that sent the challenger down to the canvas where he remained writing in agony.

After the fight Uchiyama put on a T-shirt with the slogan "Who's next?" the answer it seems could be Takashi Miura in what would be a highly welcomed rematch after their fantastic bout in 2011. If the two men meet again we could well see the WBA and WBC titles unified and have another great bout on our hands.

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